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News! Centro-Metalcut teams up with Precision Abrasives 

Caledonia, IL, August 21, 2019 – Centro-Metalcut, a USA based leading manufacturer of abrasive saws and conditioning grinders for the steel industry, has recently secured an alliance with Precision Abrasives, the industry leader in abrasives and abrasive applications for the primary metals market.  

As the largest US distributor of conditioning wheels, roll grinding wheels and large-diameter cut-off wheels, Precision Abrasives’ experience, knowledge and position in the industry are a huge benefit to both Centro-Metalcut and its customers.  Not only can customers of the two companies have one source for both equipment and abrasive wheels, they can also benefit from combined resources as Centro-Metalcut and Precision Abrasives become a team and enable each other to work more effectively. Centro-Metalcut will be able to provide better information regarding wheel performance to its customers and expand its sales representation in the US. Precision Abrasives will be able to offer conditioning grinders and abrasives saws to its existing customer base, and expand its wheel distribution network to new areas where Centro-Metalcut already has business.

Bringing the equipment manufacture and the wheel distributor together provides more accurate performance data and helps specify the appropriate equipment and wheels for each application.  Together, Precision Abrasives and Centro-Metalcut will focus on the true costs of the application and examine factors such as abrasive type, grinding force, feeds and speeds, and equipment configuration, thus delivering to customers their best results.

 “Our Centro-Metalcut product group strives to develop relationships with manufacturers who can assist in supplying our customers with innovative solutions to exceed any application requirements,” says Derek Wheeler, V.P. of Sales for Quantum Design, the owner of the Centro-Metalcut product line, “We know that by securing an alliance with Precision Abrasives, we can ensure our customers are getting a quality product and we can gain customers that were out of our reach.  We are excited to grow business for both companies.”

Lou Divers, President of Precision Abrasives says, “We spend a lot of time with customers’ grinding equipment optimizing their productivity levels. Our people have always been impressed with Centro-Metalcut’s large diameter cut off machines and fixed head conditioning machines. Their track grinders’ share of the market is rapidly growing as more metal producers become familiar with this equipment. We feel privileged to work with such a talented group of engineers, programmers and designers. “

Both companies are excited to work together and offer even better solutions to the marketplace.  

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We are the industry leader when it comes to engineering and building cutting and grinding machines. 

Our progressive equipment designs are a result of many years of experience and continual technical improvement. Improvements that will allow you to not only cut more… but cut more accurately.

With products in virtually every large steel mill in the world, Centro-Metalcut has become a globally known industry leader. Every machine we build is fully tested to the highest quality standards and workmanship. We strive to build relationships with our clients.

Proven Technology

Our technology has been proven over and over again. Our machines are used throughout the world to help companies increase productivity, and save money. The advanced technology we implement into our machines, such as touch screen panels and menu-driven selections, is suitable for the heaviest cutting and grinding conditions. And, although advanced, we have engineered intuitive control interfaces for ease of use and ease of maintenance.


We utilize the most sophisticated technology available. Whether it is implementing VFD drives for spindle motors, logic programming and development, human/machine interface programming, or full network implementation; state-of-the-art technology stems through every aspect of our equipment programming.

Safety is always our number one priority. All of our machines are engineered with a premier level of safety standards. Our machines may be operated from a remote location to ensure worker safety. Secure material clamping and appropriate protective guards are utilized where necessary to protect employees. When needed, dust collection hoods to remove smoke and gases are designed into our equipment.

In addition, the proprietary machine programming we develop adds an additional level of communication between you and your equipment. With the implementation of level 1 and level 2 programming techniques, information gathered from the machine, such as average cut time, can be made available to authorized personnel via a secure internet site. Other pertinent machine data can be stored in a database and eventually transferred directly from the plant floor to the plant-wide intranet. Our skilled information technology specialists can design and implement this advanced database network communication system.

Advanced communication means increased knowledge, increased safety, increased production, and ultimately, increased profits.